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Recent Study Claims Google Doesn’t Treat Rivals Equally

December 20, 2013

images 2Google’s second proposal to its anti-trust settlement negotiation with the EU (European Union) was attacked by competitors and critics yet again. In September, The second study of the SERP results was done by the same US academics that performed the first one and the results, although slightly better for the competition, were still skewed in Google’s favor. On all of the terms searched, the competitors averaged between 2.3% and 7% for the same search term that Google would rank 93% to 98% for. But many say the criterion was biased.

The EU states it is trying to “restore competition” to search engine traffic, yet it has never been determined what an acceptable percentage of links should be for paid, or organic traffic. Is Google simply supposed to concede its traffic to the competition because they are not happy with their rankings? With such a small study, 2500 people polled, how can it be determined that the current SERP’s are not accurate?

The proponents of the study want to restrict Google’s option to change algorithms or add new search features to their search engine without consent in order to protect the CTR rates of their competition. The critics would like to see Google give the same rankings to its competitors as it does to itself in an effort to supply the population with an “enhanced” search engine experience.

The implication is that Google is purposefully diverting search engine traffic away from competitors to their own sites. Whether Google’s proposal is accepted, which it doesn’t look like it will be, it will determine the future of Google in the EU market as a whole. It doesn’t sound like the EU cares about what the people want to see in the search results, they are more concerned that they are being left behind.

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