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Hummingbird Affects Local Search Results

December 27, 2013

images 2Since the release of Google’s new Hummingbird there has been a measurable shift in the way local results are displayed despite the fact that medical outlets and search engine blogs are not reporting the change. Most columns seem to be focused at how to take advantage of the new Hummingbird update, but there deserves to be some focus on how the update has affected the order of search engine results. After all, the update has once again shifted the way that SEO needs to be approached and that does seem to be worth mentioning to those who want to keep their local search result appearances high.

The overall noticeable outcome of the Hummingbird update is the fact that local results returned by Google seem to be of a lower quality. This might be because local packs generally make use of a ‘purer’ ranking algorithm and that is diminishing the true quality of the local results. There were numerous reports of this happening soon after the update and most of these obvious mistakes were corrected, but when the Hummingbird update was once again applied on November 14th there were once again obvious changes. There are a just a few major changes that are popping up time and time again.

For instance, search results within search results seem to b making a larger appearance. For instance, search for a restaurant and you might get a result from TripAdvisor or Yelp which are mixes between search directories/ search engines. Another example is that small businesses are earning map results that are organic in nature due to excellent optimization. Therefore, small businesses that want to get the same results might do well to try out so that they can see what these small businesses did to earn an organic appearance in search results and then copy their methods.

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