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Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

June 16, 2017


Building a content marketing strategy will help ensure that all your time,energy, and money are focused on reaching a particular goal that helps your business grow.Concentrating on this goal will prevent you from creating irrelevant content pieces that will stand in the way of attracting new visitors and listening to the needs of existing customers or clients.A smart content marketing strategy will also help drive more organic traffic to your website on a daily basis.There’s no better source of trafficthan organic search because it delivers relevant traffic with little or no additional investment required.

Here’s a few step process for creating a content marketing strategy that works.

1.Define Your Goals
This is the most important step.It will put you on a path toward building the winning strategy.Although defining your goals may sound easy, it isn’t always.You need to think about how you want content marketing to help you and what objectives you will accomplish once it’s integrated into your work schedule.

Your objectives might include increases in:
*Organic traffic.
*Unique page views.
*Leads generated.

Sometimes, misguided by a poorly defined strategy and questionable goals, we get this kind of tunnel vision that prevents us from seizing the moment.These questionable, or rather, futile goals are any KPIs that are tangential to attracting new visitors, generating more leads, and onboarding new clients.

2.Investigate the Competitive Landscape
Find out what kind of content your competitors and other industry leaders have produced, and how this content is performing.You can use BuzzSumo to analyze specific posts and articles created by your rivals and industry experts.Not only will this tool tell you all about your SMM signals like shares and likes, but it will also tell you your number of links.The only thing BuzzSumo doesn’t offer is organic traffic analysis.Thankfully, there are tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

3.Find Out What Content Has Worked Best for You
When some people hear someone say, “Go to Google Analytics” out loud,shivers often run down their spines.But it’s really not thatcomplicated.Google’s support forum typically explains everything in a step-by-step manner.So, go to Google Analytics and check which of your articles are getting the most page views:

4.Learn About Your Audience’s Interests & Needs
Tune into what your users are telling you using their keyboards.See what your target audience is searching for in Google using a tool called Answer the Public.This tool scrapes Google’s autosuggest search queries.Twitter Audience Insights is another great source of information for getting to know your users better.This will give you an idea of what kind of content is highly appreciated in your industry.

5.Create an Amplification Plan
During this stage you need to deliver a detailed plan for how exactly you’regoing to distribute your content and get it exposed to a broader audience.Here’s an action plan that you can use to better promote your content and, as a result, generate more traffic, attract more leads, and increase your sales.Pay attention when setting up your ad and selecting different audience interests.Use brands that your audience also likes.For instance, if I were creating an ad for the digital marketing industry, then for a post about ‘content marketing,’ I’d add the key phrase “digital marketing industry” as one of my audience’s interests.

Now you know how you can build a powerful content marketing strategy fromscratch.Sure, you can just write some content, publish it on your site or elsewhere, and do a couple of social media shout-outs.But that won’t bring the traffic and leads you want in the long run.You need to know exactly what kind of posts resonate best with your audience and get strategic about your outreach plan.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.


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